How I Met Your Mother-Drunk Train

Wow, talk about taking us for some twists and turns in this episode. First the Kevin proposal. I did not see that coming. I thought he was going to ask her to move in with him. Then when she said yes, I was floored. Ultimately I think their break up was for the best. But that moment when Ted tells her he loves her? No no no. I know at some point they had to talk about their relationship, and how it was standing in the way of Ted’s meeting “The One”. But they can’t go back down that road again. They just don’t work as a couple.

As for Barney and Quinn putting him in his place? I liked it. I am ready to see Barney’s story develop. We know he’s going to end up at the altar, and the writers need to show him getting there. I am still convinced Robin is going to be the one for him. Maybe he wasn’t going to head to Quinn’s after all. Maybe deep down he knows that Robin is the one for him. They’be been dancing around each other for a long time now, and it’s about time they get back together. I just hope we don’t have to wait too long to see it.

I liked Marshall and Lily’s score storyline and the laughs it brought to lighten the mood. My hubs actually wants a scoreboard above our bed now, ha! I can’t wait for the next episode!

Boob Tube Babble-So Many Good Shows

Boob Tube Babble
I’m having trouble doing a write up of all the shows I watch. It’s kind of sad just how much tv I watch in a given week. Well, that’s what happens when your job is to freelance write/take paid surveys/be a domestic goddess. So some shows I watch in the background while others I’m riveted to from start to finish. I swear I do go outside at least once a day! ­čśë

That said this is what I watched this week:

How I Met Your Mother: Drumroll please! Oh Victoria, she is so sweet. I am so glad that the writers didn’t have Ted and Victoria get back together. As much as I love her, we know she’s not the mother, so it’s time move on. The little bomb dropped at the end about how the friendship with Robin wasn’t working was pretty big. We know that in the first episode

Ellen: The most adorable of actresses, Jennifer Garner, was a guest this week. I just love her!

Parenthood: I feel so bad for Julia and their adoption woes. So sad. Haddie needs to end her relationship. He’s a great guy but it’s just way way too adult for her. According to previews, it looks like he feels the same way.

Modern Family: Laugh out loud episode, especially with Cam and Mitchell. Did anyone else see that flip out scene of Mitchell coming? I know I didn’t! I love how much Jay loves that little dog, especially since he said he didn’t want it.

The Middle: Poor poor awkward Sue Heck. Like Axl says, she’s such a dork optimist! Love it. But ugh, the Heck house makes my OCD skin crawl. I just want to come over there and clean it. Do people really live like that?!

Happy Endings: Year of Penny! How much do you love Penny’s apartment? Isn’t it amahzing? Lol! Great episode, funny as per usual.

Parks & Recreation: Oh John Ralfio. I love his appearances, he’s such a random, douchy bag of awesome. His and Tom’s company is going to tank so fast! I loved the bag of crazy that was the Tammy circle in Ron’s life.

Community: Britta has gotten so gross! Wasn’t she the sex symbol of the show before? I loved her scenes with Chang though. Cracked up. I need more Abed in my life, let’s get an episode where it’s focused on him and his awkwardness shall we?

Grey’s Anatomy: Seriously? Why must this show go back and forth with the stupid relationships. There are outside forces that can cause drama. It doesn’t always have to be will they or won’t they get back together. Stupid MerDer. Why do I keep watching this show? The first two seasons were SO.MUCH.BETTER. I miss Izzie and George!

The Vampire Diaries: Stephan has another ex love besides Katherine? Ooooohhh. I’m entrigued. Does this mean the way has been cleared for Elena and Damon to finally be together? Make it happen people! Also, how cute was Tyler rescuing poor Caroline. I have really grown to love her character and I was glad she was saved by the hunky werewolf.

The Secret Circle: Deranged psychos chasing down the witches? Eek! It was a pretty cool episode. I liked it better than last week’s. I don’t get why the group can’t use their powers at least slightly when they’re alone. Seems kind of lame, and dangerous! I wonder how long it will take Cassie to tell everyone that she found a book as well.

Revenge: Started tuning into this show. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Right now it’s just something to watch on the ipad while I’m cooking dinner. I don’t think I like it that much. Anyone else catch it?

How I Met Your Mother-Ducky Tie

Loved the silly little ducky tie story with Barney, Marshall and Lily. I love that he has to wear that tie for an entire year. It was a great way to break up the story of Ted and Victoria reuniting.

Oh Victoria and Ted…so glad the writers didn’t have them actually go down that road again. As much as I enjoy Victoria, we all know she’s not the mother, and I don’t think I could handle watching Ted in another dead end romance. The bomb Victoria drops on him at the end of the episode was pretty big. She said that Robin was the reason that none of his relationships have worked out, and that their just friendship status isn’t working.

Now we know from past episodes that Robin has something to do with Ted meeting the mother. It makes the whole Barney/Robin wedding seem even more likely. It’s what I’m hoping anyways. What are your theories?

Boob Tube Babble-Premieres Galore!

Boob Tube Babble
Holy watched too much TV batman! After writing them all down I’m a little amazed at just how many shows I was able to see this week. Thank God for DVRs right? Still, looking at this list I’m grateful I was still able to leave the house and see the 3 dimensional people. ­čśë Great week of premieres though!

  • How I Met Your Mother-I already did a write up on it, so I won’t repeat myself. I’ll just say it was awesome as always. “Streaking around the East Village showing brain.” Freaking hilarious quotes!
  • Two and a Half Men-Don’t ask my why I watched this show, but I did. I was sucked in by Ashton Kutcher, and I wanted to know how they’d handle the Charlie Sheen debacle. I didn’t watch much of the show before, so it’s hard to judge what it was like previously. Ashton’s character is kind of funny, but I don’t think I’ll continue to watch the show. I just don’t see the appeal.
  • 2 Broke Girls-What can I say? I was bored so I watched it. The promos were terrible so I had very low expectations. It was pretty terrible and the jokes were vulgar. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by how bad it was.
  • Tia & Tamara-I’m still sad for Tia that her man is always gone. I think I’ve seen him on the show twice briefly and they have a baby due soon. Wtf? Tamara decides to try to get back into her career. It’s still so amazing to see how different these two sisters are. Tamara is very immature and seems to cry at the drop of a hat. She also can’t even be away from her husband for one night, when her pregnant sister needs her. That’s so freaking lame to me. I’m glad she has her sister to encourage her to have her own personality and not to wrap her world around her husband.
  • The Lying Game-Ugh, I can’t stand Sutton! Bitching out Emma for kissing her boyfriend, meanwhile she’s hooking up with another guy. Lame! But the look on her face when Ethan dumps her ass is priceless. Haha! I can’t believe that Sutton found Annie. And what the heck are up with her dad and Madeline’s dad and the connection with Annie? Madeline’s dad is sooo creepy and shady. I’m pretty sure he beat up Eduardo and landed him in the hospital (ps Eduardo is hot stuff!). This show is getting better and better. I love the mystery.
  • New Girl-Love this cast. But the minute I saw Damon Wayons Jr. I was like, ack does this mean Happy Endings is canceled? Lucky for me it’s not. But that means they have to recast his character on New Girl. On to the plot: I feel bad for Jess, who has just caught her boyfriend cheating. She ends up moving in with three bachelors and of course hilarity ensues. “I don’t want her. I want to come home at the end of a long day and let my beans out. Let em breath.” Hilarious quote. She’s a total basketcase because of her breakup, and it’s so funny to watch.
  • Raising Hope-That baby is so stinking cute! Not all tv babies are very cute, but Hope is just precious. I love her little laugh. The Chance family always cracks me up, and the season premiere was no exception.
  • Up All Night-Oh the Brinkleys. They are trying so hard to be cool, but they’re having to face the facts that they’re “those neighbors” now. I love how much they try to impress their new trendy neighbors who are so ridiculous.
  • Free Agents-I tuned in this week, hoping the show would be less sad and more funny now that they’ve set the premise. I liked the flirtations lessons that she tries to give Emma. I did laugh a bit more than last week and it wasn’t nearly as depressing. It’s still not my favorite show.
  • Vampire Diaries-Is it just me or has it gotten way more scary and gory? Ewww so much blood. And I totally jumped when Jeremy sees both of his dead girlfriends. Spooky! I love love love the sexual tension going on with Damon and Elena. I want them to be together but I just don’t see how that’s possible since we all know Stefan will end up back to normal eventually.
  • The Secret Circle-I wasn’t as impressed this week but I will still keep watching. I can’t stand Faye. That girl is terrible! And now the rest of them are bound to her forever, bleck. I think next door neighbor hottie is way cuter than Adam, the one that Cassie has this special connection with. But he’s not bad on the eyes either.
  • The Middle-The camping trip was hilarious, especially the honeymoon flashback. It’s totally what me and the Hubs would have done if we’d had the time. We have only gone on camping trips since we got married actually, so I guess that’s our vacation of choice. The Hecks did it in true style, with screaming and yelling and awkward family moments.
  • Modern Family-Amazing freaking show as usual. I laughed SOOOO hard. The dude ranch episode was funny, but my favorite was the following episode where Lily talks about wanting to “kill the baby”. OMG so creepy/funny. The scene with Mitchell’s inability to share, and Cam’s coddling were so freaking funny. If you’re not watching this show you are missing out hardcore.
  • Community– The study group takes Bio together.
  • Parks & Recreation– Love my Parks & Rec crew.

How I Met Your Mother Fall Premiere-Best Man and the Naked Truth

It’s here, it’s finally here!! How I Met Your Mother season premiere, woohoo! We left off with the jaw dropper that Barney is getting married in the future, before Ted! Also Marshall and Lily just found out they are having a baby!! The opening starts with Ted and Barney where we left off. Barney is nervous about his wedding, and they relived Punchy’s wedding. This is where much of the episode takes place.

I can’t believe M&L thought they could keep their pregnancy a secret. With the amount they drink? I love the plan of Marshall drinking for two at the wedding. I’m totally stealing that when the Hubs and I have a little one. Plus it made great drunken Marshall. And Lily’s slip ups-“now that I’m pregnant in my mind uterus.” Bawhahahaa! Marshall ends up getting hammered, and all through the episode you think he’s going to mess up the wedding by accidentally breaking the cake, or hitting the bride. Instead he accidentally outs her pregnancy when he’s pointing to Lily and saying this beautiful woman is pregnant. Whoops!

I knew Robin still had feelings for Barney, but I was surprised she let Lily know in the first episode. I love their dance scene together. That must have been so fun to shoot. Love Robin’s new trimmer figure but I’m not liking the hair that much. She manages to pull it off though. But back to Barney and Robin: those two have great chemistry. Get back together already! But of course just as she about tell Barney how she feels, Nora calls him back. So she tells him how she feels so that he can repeat it to Nora. It was a heartbreaking moment. Almost as heartbreaking as Ted telling Robin that he’s lost his belief in fate and love. Marshall and Lily announcing that they’re pregnant renews his faith.

Of course the writers bounce us back to Barney’s wedding for more teasers and it’s pure torture. We see that Barney isn’t sure if he chose the right girl. Will it be Nora or Robin? My hope is Robin, but we’ll see.

In the second half hour, Ted has two dates after a bit of a dry spell. He then realizes he gets invited to an Architect’s Ball, and has to choose between the two girls.

Marshall gets a call from his dream job, and pending a background check and google search they said he’s hired. Unfortunately Marshall discovers he has some pretty embarrassing videos floating around in cyberspace. When he goes to beg his old college buddy to take the video down, he winds up getting trashed again and makes another video. Luckily his new boss has a great sense of humor and hires him anyways.

Meanwhile, Barney is screwing things up with his second chance with Nora. She makes him come clean about his lying. But she also makes him list all the ways he’s lied to get laid, and ends up leaving disgusted. He vows he’ll stay in the diner until she agrees to go on a second date with him. Towards the end of the episode, Barney wakes up in the diner booth with Nora gazing down at him. Awww!

Back to Ted’s story. He can’t choose which girl to take to the ball, so he takes Robin as his date. While he’s there, he sees Victoria! Remember her avid fans? Season 1? She was so adorable, the baker! They had the perfect night, and then she went off to Germany and they couldn’t survive the distance. The end of the episode shows the two of them locking eyes. ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Sooooo exciting!

As usual, I’m equally happy and frustrated with this episode. All of the cliff hangers, none of the answers, but it was oh so good.

Fall TV Season and My Favorite Celebrities

I wish the Fall 2012 television season would hurry up and get here. There have been a few shows to keep me entertained this summer, but nothing nearly as good as what is in store for me this fall.

My number one favorite show I’m most anxious to watch is How I Met Your Mother. We have the big question on How I Met Your Mother of who Barney is going to marry. Then there is the excitement of Lily’s pregnancy. Speaking of the character Lily, did you see the latest pictures to pop up on the internet of Alyson Hannigan? She sure looks pregnant, at least in this photo. I know photos can be edited, but what do you think?

Photograph courtesy of E online

I read up on my favorite celebrity news sites and it looks like Alyson is denying the rumors and blaming it on being bloated. Now I’ve been there so I know how that goes, and it would be terrible to be scrutinized so closely by the public eye.┬áStill, I couldn’t help but be a tad bit disappointed. I think it would have been perfect timing if Alyson were pregnant in real life while her character on the show was pregnant as well. I’m sure she’d prefer it to wearing a fake baby bump.

How I Met Your Mother-Challenge Accepted

All I can say is that this episode was an equal mix of awesome and torture. I predicted the end, that Barney would be the one getting married, and Ted is the best man. I also predicted that Lily was pregnant, to which I got teary eyed. I’m so happy that’s where the storyline went! Especially after the heartfelt speech Marshal gives about how life has been so terrible this past year.

So now that it’s been revealed that Barney is getting married, I wonder what the writers will do next season. Will he marry Nora or Robin? I have to say I would probably be happier with either, but Robin makes the most sense. There are also some theories that Nora is the mother, and that Ted meets her at Barney’s wedding. I find this one ┬áa little far fetched since I would definitely think that her taking courses at the college would have come up with Barney. But she is Robin’s friend so it would make sense that she would be at the wedding. But why wouldn’t Ted meet her prior to that?

I am so relieved that Ted didn’t end up back with Zoey. Bleck! She was just plain terrible and I’m glad that Robin and Barney stopped it. I can’t wait until next season, and it’s going to be absolute torture to wait until fall for the next season.

How I Met Your Mother-Oh Honey

Well, it finally happened. Ted and Zoey got together. I knew it would happen, but I worried it would be in the worst way, where Ted has an affair with Zoey and becomes the bad guy. If that happened I would have been so angry with the writers but instead it’s revealed that Zoey and the Captain are going through a divorce.

I have mixed feelings about it and I’m a little bit frustrated because we know Zoey is not the mother. But at the same time, this whole season has felt like things are finally starting to move forward for the show. The last couple of seasons felt a bit stagnant, and now we’re seeing a lot of character growth. We haven’t seen much out of Ted though, and maybe this new soon to be failed relationship will showcase some of his own personal growth. I loved Barney’s little break down and his big alligator tears. He reminds me of a little boy sometimes and it’s adorable.

Speaking of little kids, I love Marshall’s arguments with his mom and brother. “Get off the phone!” I used to have those when I was a kid and whenever I go home I always feel like I’m a teenager again, no matter how old I get. He’s completely reverted to his childhood. Unfortunately he’s bored as hell, without his xbox slim he’s forced to play Clue by himself. That cracked me up. Then later when he uses the Clue characters to represent Ted and Zoey’s complicated relationship is hilarious. “But Zoey is married to Colonel Mustard, I mean The Captain.” I love how Marshall’s brother and mom get involved in the story and add even more comic relief to an already funny episode.

I wish there had been a little bit more Lily and I even missed Robin (notably my least favorite character) but they’ll have more face time in upcoming episodes, especially when Lily gets pregnant. Katy Perry wasn’t nearly as annoying as I thought she’d be, and I loved the “Oh honey” bit about how naive she was. Once again HIMYM did not disappoint!

How I Met Your Mother-Last Words

Last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother showcased what this show is best at: blending deep feelings and laughter seamlessly. In this week’s episode the gang is in Minnesota for Marshall’s dad’s funeral.

The guys have decided they are going to do everything they can to get Marshall to laugh, while Robin plans to be the “vice girl” packing everything and anything Marshall may need to get through the day. I didn’t laugh much at Ted and Barney’s antics, but it was almost as if the writers knew it wasn’t funny and were showcasing how awkward it can be as friends trying to cheer up someone who is grieving.

Meanwhile Lily has decided to be there for Marshall’s mom, despite how much her mother in law dislikes her. Robin’s bag of goodies makes her into the funeral dealer which brought a few laughs. Lily’s interaction with her mother in law had a real ring of truth to it. Sometimes when a person is going through a hard time, they need a scapegoat. I love that she recognizes what Lily is doing and thanks her for it. That was a sweet moment for the two of them.

Marshall’s breakdown was the best part of this episode, and this quote had me sniffling:

[Marshall’s incensed because the gang is insistent about not listening to his father’s last words if he doesn’t feel like it.]
Marshall: You guys don’t get it, okay? None of you do. My dad was my hero. He is my teacher…and he was my best friend. He was always there for me, and now he’s gone. What am I left with? [shows phone with vague voicemail; looks to sky] Thanks a lot, God. Thank you, you took my father! The greatest man I have ever known, and you whipped him off this earth way too young! [to Lily] And he’ll never get to meet our kids, Lily. But we got this voicemail, [to God] Thanks for the voicemail, it’s such agreat comfort, so whenever I feel lonely, and sad or maybe like I feel I’ve been cheated, at least I have the sound of his pocket to console me.
Lily: Marshall…
Marshall: I was just fair. An entire human life, and it just ends for no reason, and what are we left with? [phone cracks in]
Marvin Eriksen: Marshall? Looks like I’ve been calling you for the last five minutes. How’s my pocket sound? Sorry about that, buddy. Anyway, your mom and I had such a great time seeing you. I love you.

The end of the episode wraps up with Ted talking about last words and everyone calling their dads. Barney calls his mom and says he’s ready to meet his father. I’m really looking forward to who they’re going to pick to play Barney’s dad and see where the show takes that storyline.

The show really makes the viewer think about last words. What are the last ones you said to your loved ones? It makes you want to pick up the phone and call your folks. That’s what I love about this show. It always manages to hit home.

How I Met Your Mother-Bad News

This episode left me sobbing, but it was so so so good. I have always been a huge HIMYM fan, and this show just cemented the fact that it is hands down one of the most well written shows on television. The character growth this season has been incredible and this episode was one of the most powerful of any show I’ve ever watched.

This episode surrounds Marshal and Lily and their quest to have a baby. The main plot of the episode is the two going to a fertility specialist (who just happens to be the real Barney doppleganger) and determining whether or not they have fertility issues. In true HIMYM fashion, there are funny jokes and silliness throughout the episode, like the subplot of Robin’s catastrophe of a work career. That subplot was so necessary because Marshal and Lily’s plotline was pretty serious.

All through the episode there was also a countdown, starting with the number 50. To be honest, I didn’t notice this at all, and only when it was pointed out by other HIMYM viewers in forums did I remember the numbers. I was much more focused on the plot. It turns out this countdown was actually a countdown to the bad news.

Anyone who watches the show knows that Marshal is incredibly close to his parents, especially his dad. At the beginning of the episode Marshal talks about how he always shares his good news with his dad, calling him for every victory, big or small. “I got into law school” or “I just bought a cool viking lamp!” He would probably even call him to ask what kind of Womens Hats to buy for Lily’s birthday.
Marshal talks about how a moment just doesn’t feel real until he can share it with his father. This is a key phrase that will come back to haunt us at the end of the episode.

The couple find out that Lily is quite fertile, so then Marshal fears he is the problem. Just when he’s going to get tested himself, his parents show up for a surprise visit. Lily makes Marshal have the heart to heart that he’s afraid to have with his dad, about how he is worried that they won’t be able to have children. His dad is completely supportive and encouraging and they have this really nice moment together. Flash forward to the end of the episode where Marshal is about to open champagne to celebrate the news that he is also fertile. Lily isn’t there, and the whole time I’m thinking, where is Lily, why isn’t she there? I get this horrible feeling that something is wrong.

Then Marshal decides to go outside and call his dad to share the news. He calls, and the phone rings and rings. Then my heart leaps into my throat when Lily pulls up and she’s crying. “Marshal, your dad had a heart attack…he didn’t make it.” I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Then the camera points to Marshal and we can see him┬ávisibly┬ábreak inside. “I’m not ready for this” he cries into Lily’s arms as the show ends. I couldn’t help but sob into hubs’ arms because that is exactly how I’d react if something happened to one of our parents. We’re reaching that point in life where it’s a reality that our parents will not live forever and something we will have to face one day.

It was definitely a depressing episode but it was also incredible. The level of depth of Marshal and Lily was just so amazing. This show draws me in and makes it feel like these are real friends, and a real couple going through all of these life changing moments. I am not looking forward to watching Marshal grieve but I am looking forward to how this will bring the group forward and encourage them to grow up even more than they already have this season.