Boob Tube Babble-So Many Good Shows

Boob Tube Babble
I’m having trouble doing a write up of all the shows I watch. It’s kind of sad just how much tv I watch in a given week. Well, that’s what happens when your job is to freelance write/take paid surveys/be a domestic goddess. So some shows I watch in the background while others I’m riveted to from start to finish. I swear I do go outside at least once a day! 😉

That said this is what I watched this week:

How I Met Your Mother: Drumroll please! Oh Victoria, she is so sweet. I am so glad that the writers didn’t have Ted and Victoria get back together. As much as I love her, we know she’s not the mother, so it’s time move on. The little bomb dropped at the end about how the friendship with Robin wasn’t working was pretty big. We know that in the first episode

Ellen: The most adorable of actresses, Jennifer Garner, was a guest this week. I just love her!

Parenthood: I feel so bad for Julia and their adoption woes. So sad. Haddie needs to end her relationship. He’s a great guy but it’s just way way too adult for her. According to previews, it looks like he feels the same way.

Modern Family: Laugh out loud episode, especially with Cam and Mitchell. Did anyone else see that flip out scene of Mitchell coming? I know I didn’t! I love how much Jay loves that little dog, especially since he said he didn’t want it.

The Middle: Poor poor awkward Sue Heck. Like Axl says, she’s such a dork optimist! Love it. But ugh, the Heck house makes my OCD skin crawl. I just want to come over there and clean it. Do people really live like that?!

Happy Endings: Year of Penny! How much do you love Penny’s apartment? Isn’t it amahzing? Lol! Great episode, funny as per usual.

Parks & Recreation: Oh John Ralfio. I love his appearances, he’s such a random, douchy bag of awesome. His and Tom’s company is going to tank so fast! I loved the bag of crazy that was the Tammy circle in Ron’s life.

Community: Britta has gotten so gross! Wasn’t she the sex symbol of the show before? I loved her scenes with Chang though. Cracked up. I need more Abed in my life, let’s get an episode where it’s focused on him and his awkwardness shall we?

Grey’s Anatomy: Seriously? Why must this show go back and forth with the stupid relationships. There are outside forces that can cause drama. It doesn’t always have to be will they or won’t they get back together. Stupid MerDer. Why do I keep watching this show? The first two seasons were SO.MUCH.BETTER. I miss Izzie and George!

The Vampire Diaries: Stephan has another ex love besides Katherine? Ooooohhh. I’m entrigued. Does this mean the way has been cleared for Elena and Damon to finally be together? Make it happen people! Also, how cute was Tyler rescuing poor Caroline. I have really grown to love her character and I was glad she was saved by the hunky werewolf.

The Secret Circle: Deranged psychos chasing down the witches? Eek! It was a pretty cool episode. I liked it better than last week’s. I don’t get why the group can’t use their powers at least slightly when they’re alone. Seems kind of lame, and dangerous! I wonder how long it will take Cassie to tell everyone that she found a book as well.

Revenge: Started tuning into this show. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Right now it’s just something to watch on the ipad while I’m cooking dinner. I don’t think I like it that much. Anyone else catch it?

Modern Family-Bike Thief

bikethiefModern Family is one of my favorite new shows. In this episode, Phil buys his son a bike, and then later he sees the bike just carelessly tossed aside without a lock. He decides to teach his kid a lesson by taking the bike and hiding it. He then rides the bike home, when his sexy neighbor asks for help. He carelessly drops the bike, and helps the sexy neighbor get into her house, where she’s locked herself out. He lies to his wife, and makes it sound far worse than what it was. He also discovers that the bike was stolen while he was helping her. He should probably look into some life insurance rates because his wife looked like she was ready to murder him.

Meanwhile the gay couple take their adopted daughter to her first Mommy and Me class. It’s funny because Mitchell insists that Cameron dumb down his gay personality so they wouldn’t scare the uptight Mommies. At the end of class another gay couple comes in and they see that it would have been completely fine.

This show is laugh out loud funny. D and I crack up every time we watch it. I like how there are some good, honest family moments mixed in with the laughs. Jay’s stepson is waiting for his dad to pick him up and take him to Disneyland, and he’s so excited for the trip. When he never shows up, Jay steps in, and tells Mannie that his dad suggested Jay and his mom take him instead. Jay gives up his weekend alone with his new wife to help out her son. I love the quote he gives too, “90% of being a good dad is just showing up.”

Modern Family-New Series on ABC

This is another one of the great new series that came out this Fall, and I have to say, I love it. The show focuses on three different couples, and their daily lives. I love the way they sit the couples down like they’re being interviewed, cutting back and forth between their life and their commentary on it. There’s Jay, who recently married Gloria, a beautiful Columbian woman, who is half Jay’s age and has a preteen son from a previous relationship. There is Claire, Jay’s daughter, and her husband Phil, who is trying way too hard to be a hip cool dad and be in touch with his kid. There’s a really funny scene where he does all the dance moves to High School Musical while his three kids sit on the couch completely mortified. I think Phil steals the show-he cracks me up with all his young speak, that he gets wrong half the time. Then there’s the gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron, who recently adopted a little girl from Vietnam. Mitchell is Jay’s son, and Jay is pretty uncomfortable with the whole gay thing. He acts as if people are talking about cleansonix every time there’s even a reference to his son’s sexuality. This show is completely relatiable, there’s a least one character who is like someone in your own family, and you can’t help but laugh at all their antics. Definitely worth checking out!