What to Expect When You’re Expecting-Movie Review

What_to_Expect_When_You're_ExpectingWelp, watching this movie while pregnant, I should have thought to have more tissues handy. I cried a LOT. But I also laughed a lot. Sure it was completely far fetched and over the top. The stepmom who not only doesn’t get that big while pregnant with TWINS but also has a natural birth, no bedrest? Really? Hrmmmm.

I did love that they showed every aspect of pregnancy-from infertility to the heartbreak of loss-to the discomforts, and the complications that can come with labor. I loved the daddy group, and the humor in most of the situations. It was definitely a good rental, and I think most people about to or who have kids would really enjoy it.

The Help-DVD Review

I watched The Help the other night with a friend of mine, and I absolutely loved it. It was one of those movies that makes you cry, and there is more than one moment where I yelled at the tv. I really felt sucked into the storyline, of watching these stories from the view of the help, and all the injustice that these amazing and strong women went through. I won’t recount it all, I will just say that it’s a must see, and now I can’t wait to read the book, because my friend said it’s even better (as most books turned to movie usually are). The scenes with one of the help talking to the little girl and telling her, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” and having her repeat it back to her was just beautiful, and it makes me tear up just thinking of it. Go rent this movie now!

District 9-Movie Review

district-9-posterMy boyfriend D and I went to see District 9 last night, as a fun date night out. I will say, this movie was incredible, it was different from anything I’ve seen lately, but it was depressing. We left the theater kind of pissed off at humanity. Still, I definitely believe this is a must see movie. Just prepare yourself mentally that this isn’t a light-hearted flick. I’m not going to give a full synopsis of this film because I don’t want to spoil it.

One of the beauties of this movie is that the previews were so brief. I’m so sick of long drawn out previews where they give away the entire plot of the movie, and ruin the twists. Might as well not see the movie at that point!

What I will say is that the movie is set in today’s time, something most science fiction movies don’t do, especially when involving aliens. It is also set in Johannesburg, South Africa. I thought this was refreshing because for once the United States wasn’t where all the action was. Who’s to say aliens would make first contact over New York City? Like they would know the difference?

Also, if you see the film, you’ll see why South Africa is so important to the story, and so topical.

The background of the story, even with its plot holes, is really interesting. An alien spaceship comes to a hover over the town of Johannesburg, South Africa. The entire world waits for first contact, but it doesn’t come. The craft just sits there, suspended above the city.

Humans in their impatience, cut their way into the vessel to discover alien refugees who are malnourished and dying, many of them already dead. They are nicknamed “prawns” because, well, that’s what they look like. These aliens turn out to be refugees who can’t get home. It’s not clear to me in the movie whether or not their home world is gone, or if they just can’t get back to it because of malfunctions with their vessel. It’s one of the plot holes that I mentioned, but it’s not actually that relevant to the story. The point is, these aliens are stuck on Earth, and they’re not going anywhere.

The movie is filmed as if it were a documentary, with shaky camera angles and interviews with different people. The movie centers around a man named Wikus van der Merwe, who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. In the beginning of the story, he’s the loveable idiot. He gets himself in quite a mess, all because he seems to blunder his way into it.

Wikus works for a company called Multi-National United (MNU), a private security firm that is in charge of the aliens’ welfare. Wikus thinks that the MNU are looking out for the aliens best interest, when in reality they’re trying to harness the alien weapon technology. Their weapons can only work with alien DNA and the MNU has been running secret, and incredibly cruel and horrific, experiments on the aliens in the hopes of operating their advanced weapons.

The aliens are living in squalor, very similar to the projects, except picture it full of aliens. They don’t have equal rights, and they aren’t allowed in public places. The MNU takes their weapons as if they won them in free online auctions or something. 

I won’t give away the rest of the story, I’ll just say it’s definitely a movie worth checking out. It left me feeling a little bit sad about humanity, but it’s also a pretty big eye opener.

The Proposal-Movie Review

It was exactly what I expected. Not too deep, but just lighthearted and cute. It is the perfect Saturday matinee girls day out kind of movie. I went to see it with a friend, and we both agreed it was very sweet. I loved the scenes that were shot in Alaska, showcasing the beauty of Alaska, and making me wish I could hop on a plane and go there next weekend.
Sandra Bullock plays the uptight boss Margaret Tate, who is about to be deported back to Canada when her Visa is rejected. Sandra looks incredible for her age, and it’s easy to believe she’s a woman in her early 30s, instead of a woman of 45. The delicious Ryan Reynolds plays her assistant, an aspiring book editor named Andrew Paxton, who does whatever she tells him, in hopes of getting that coveted promotion.

Margaret convinces Andrew to marry her so that she can become a citizen. She pushes this lie to its limits by accompanying him on a trip home to visit his family in Alaska (hence the beautiful nature scenes).
A lot of the storyline is predictable, but not in a boring way. There are a few laugh out loud scenes, especially the one with Margaret dancing around to gangster rap in the woods with Andrew’s Grandma. Plus, Ryan Reynolds takes his shirt off, and that alone is worth the movie ticket price. 😉 Sandra Bullock sheds her clothes (no nudity with strategically placed washclothes) and looks amazing. I’m not sure if it’s the work of weight loss pills or just hard work, but either way whatever she’s doing is working. I can only hope I look half that good at 45!

Betty White was the adorable grandma, and she stole a few scenes with her funny lines, and outright wackiness. “It’s like an easter egg hunt!”

I definitely recommend this movie. My only complaint was that it didn’t last long enough for me. There aren’t too many movies that I can say that about. I’m looking forward to renting the DVD and hoping for deleted scenes!

Ghost Town-DVD Review

agle Eye 1-shtThis movie completely took me by surprise. I thought it might be a little bit funny, in that quirky, British humor sort of way. But I didn’t expect such a feel good movie, complete with a soundtrack and score that made me want to run out and download it. I think Ricky Gervais was perfect for the  role of Bertram Pincus, the completely antisocial jerk, who is still loveable.

The movie is a story about a dentist who seems to be slightly OCD, who dislikes people in general. He’s the kind of guy who won’t hold a door, and presses the close door button on the elevator rather than share it with someone. He’s brash, he doesn’t seem to understand social rules at all (he tells a woman how much her present cost, just so she’d know it was expensive) and he makes horrible jokes that he laughs at himself.

After an accident in which he technically dies for a few minutes during a colonoscopy, before being revived again, he is left with a strange side effect. He can see ghosts.  They all want something from him, and want his help with their unfinished business. I won’t tell you the details, but I’m sure you can guess that through these ghosts, our socially retarded Bertram starts to develop some people skills.

I am planning on buying this DVD, because it’s the kind of film you can watch over and over again. It’s a perfect stay at home date night movie.