Once Upon a Time-Anyone Else Just Love This Show

I’m obsessed with Once Upon a Time. I love the costumes, the two worlds, the magic, the mystery. If I could be a guest star I would have such a great time on the show. I want to wear the fancy dresses. I’m thinking I would like to play Sleeping Beauty. She hasn’t made an appearance on the show, but I have no doubt that she will.

Tonight’s episode with the Mad Hatter was sort of freaky. I’m not a big Alice in Wonderland fan anyways, and I knew Once would make it even creepier than it already is.

I did love that Jefferson aka The Mad Hatter knows about the stories. I wonder how long it will take for Emma to be a believer. Henry has shown her time and again that his stories have a lot of truth behind them. Yet she’s still ever the skeptic. But at the end of this episode we start to see what may be a glimmer of belief cross her face. I can only hope she gets on board and starts believing in fairytale.

Once Upon a Time-The Sheperd

I love this show. It’s getting better and better. Does anyone else watch it? I love the mix of modern day with fairy tales. This episode centered around Snow White and her Prince Charming. It shows the history of how Prince Charming was forced to become engaged to King Midas’s daughter. He was even given titanium rings for their wedding. Luckily he met Snow White and ended up with her instead.

Then there’s the modern day version of Snow White and Prince Charming. He’s David, he has amnesia, and doesn’t want to be with his wife. He leaves her for Snow, aka Mary, is conflicted because David has professed his love. She wants to be with him, but she doesn’t want to be a homewrecker.

Of course the evil witch, aka Mayor, gets involved and tries to lead him astray. So he ends up in Rumpelstiltskin’s shop where his memory is jogged. He ends up going back to his wife and breaking Mary’s heart. Not the happy ending I was hoping for at all. Hopefully next week brings better luck for the folks of Storybrook.

Boob Tube Babble-Once Upon an Awesome Premise

Boob Tube Babble

This week I’ve been anxiously waiting for our loan to fund. How many hoops must a homebuyer jump through? Uck. Also, I’m trying to soak up tv since once we move we’ll probably be without for at least 3-5 days. Hopefully less!

So this week I watched all of my regulars, and as previously blogged, I started up with Once Upon a Time. This show is seriously awesome guys. If you’re not watching it, start! I love fairytales and seeing them with a new spin is just awesome.

I’m not going to recap each episode of the shows I watched. But I will just give you a brief rundown of what’s frustrating me:

-How I Met Your Mother: OMGosh! Robin and Barney kiss! But what does this mean for Barney and Nora? And Robin and Kevin? And what about that guy she keeps running into that Ted teased us with, saying their story wasn’t over yet? I need more input!

-Desperate Housewives: Why are Lynette and Tom separated? It makes zero sense. They were the one couple who had the most chemistry. They better get back together before the series ends.

-Parenthood: How annoyed are you with Sarah? I’m so pissed at her. She finally gets the hunky teacher, and she’s pinning away for her deadbeat rehab flunky ex husband? REALLY?! Also Jasmine and the doctor make me sad. Poor Crosby’s face is pure heartbreak when she says it’s getting serious. Oh and Haddie’s reaction to her baby sister is pretty selfish, though I think I’d be annoyed if my parents had a baby when I was 17 too.

-Parks & Recreation: I want Leslie and Ben back together. Boo to their breakup. It sucks. The end.

Once Upon a Time-TV Show Review

I know it’s cheesy, but I am loving the new ABC show Once Upon a Time. It’s all of my favorite old stories combined in one show. I think when this show comes out on dvds they’ll make great romantic birthday gifts for girlfriends and wives. We’re probably the main viewers. Well, that and teenager girls. 🙂 I think that’s why I like the show so much. It reminds me of when I was a dorky teen.

The little boy who searches for his birth mother is adorable. The actress who plays Snow White’s daughter Emma was Zoey on How I Met Your Mother. I hated her on that show, but so far I really like her on this show. Check it out, it’s worth a peek.