Custom Napkins and Birthday Parties

I have been daydreaming about party planning some more. With Little Man’s birthday just 4 months away, I keep thinking of things I can make to celebrate his big 3rd birthday. I think it would be fun to design some custom napkins for the big day.

I still need to think of the right theme for the party too. This year Little Man might have his own opinion on what he wants. Last year we had a train theme, and the year before we did a Little Blue Truck theme. This year he’s still train crazy, and completely obsessed with Thomas the Train. I thought about doing a vehicle themed birthday, with planes, trains and automobiles. I have a feeling we’ll be doing train theme, specifically Thomas.


Fun custom napkins with Little Man’s name, and maybe really making the house look like the Island of Sodor would be pretty cool. We’ll have to find ways to make it different than last year. Either way, I can’t wait!