Boob Tube Babble-AwesomeSauce TV

Boob Tube Babble
This week in TV awesome sauce:

-Desperate Housewives: It drives me nuts that Lynett broke it off with Tom. He was the only good husband on that show, and she treats him like garbage. It’s the last season of the show, all I can hope is that she will take him back before it’s over. Meanwhile Carlos and Susan are getting close over the murder. I really hope there is no cheating there because that would be so gross.

-How I Met Your Mother: This episode didn’t do much to move the story along, but it was entertaining. Poor Ted is a third wheel creeper: “Our baby” as he kept calling Lily and Marshall’s bun. And Robin showed the green monster inside her with her jealousy of Nora and Barney. The teaser for Lily’s birth was torture. I can’t wait to see what happens! Enough fluff episodes, let’s move the story along folks!

-The Lying Game: Ethan is all bummed because he caught Emma making out ( or so he thought) with her foster brother but he doesn’t realize he’s scum and she was disgusted. Meanwhile Sutton is stuck in the mental hospital and no one knows she’s in there. She gets sprung by Emma’s bff but of course doesn’t know her at all. Luckily Ethan figures out that Emma isn’t into said foster bro bro and ends up smacking the guy up.

-Tia & Tamara: The baby! Tia’s baby boy finally arrives. He’s so sweet. And honestly, I don’t blame Tamara for wanting a baby. She’s 30 fing 3 for crying out loud. Chop chop doesn’t begin to cut it. She should have started trying 3 to 4 years ago. I’ll be annoyed if she has to resort to fertility drugs. And omg how much does Tamara’s therapist bug the crap out of you? It bugs me! The woman doesn’t even BLINK!

-Up All Night: I love how Reagan is fighting the mom car so badly. I feel her pain! When we start a family I don’t want some ugo mom car, but I’m also way too practical to resist it. I put my foot down on mini vans though. No mini van! I love that her hubby helps her trick out her mom car and make her feel cool again.

-The Secret Circle: OMG terrifying! I was sooo freaked out. This episode was definitely more on the scary scale of witch craft and dark magic. Wow. I can’t even describe it.

Fall TV Schedule Can’t Come Soon Enough

I’m such a huge fan of fall. It’s the start of everything I love. It means my wedding anniversary, my birthday, and then of course the holidays soon after. I’m already getting my Christmas Party Invitations ready for Christmastime. And then of course there will be new tv episodes to watch!

My DVR is going to be so delightfully full this fall. I can’t wait for the return of my favorites and some juicy new shows to curl up and watch. I’m alone weeknights while the Hubs works so Mama needs some entertainment! Wait, that sounded dirty. Ok you know what I mean!

Here’s what’s on my DVR schedule:

  • How I Met Your Mother-absolute #1 favorite show. Last season was incredible and full of growth for the characters. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the McClaren gang this season.
  • Modern Family-word on the street is they’ve replaced the baby Lily actress with a new toddler that actually smiles and interacts with the rest of the family. With parents like Mitchell and Cam, she needs to have a personality. I’m excited about the change!
  • The Middle-I love this wacky family. The Hubs and I have decided if we ever have a son he will probably turn out like Brick. A little quirky but adorable just the same.
  • Happy Endings-Great show and the first season started out strong. I love this show because it always makes me laugh.
  • Up All Night-I am such a huge Christina Applegate fan. I’m also hoping to one day become a first time parent. This show is tots for me.
  • Community-Abed always cracks me up.
  • Cougar Town-supposedly a midseason premiere (uhoh, I smell a future cancellation, way to screw up ABC). Love Courtney Cox and the whole culdesac crew!
  • Free Agents-Looks like a funny new show. It’s got Phoebe’s science guy in it. It’s gotta be good!
  • Parks and Recreation– Love me that Leslie Noppe.
  • 30 Rock-I think if I’d never met my husband I would have become a trainwreck like Liz Lemon.
  • Grey’s Anatomy-I’ve been a faithful viewer since the beginning. And even though the show basically blows, I still watch it out of loyalty. It’s almost like some of their episodes and the medical tragedies you don’t want to see but can’t look away.
  • Desperate Housewives- I’m pissed that the Skavos split up. That was the worst storyline ever. They better get them back together.
  • Private Practice-I think I watch this show just so I can yell at the tv. They’re all idiots.
  • Parenthood-I’m still annoyed that Christina’s pregnant. We’ll see what the writers manage to do with that storyline. Hrmmmm.
  • The Secret Circle-I want to see what this circle is all about.
  • The Vampire Diaries-Only watch it for the eye candy. Oh Damon. Yuhummm.
  • The Big Bang Theory-Gotta get my nerd fix somehow. Cliffhanger last season, Penny slept with Raj. What’s going to happen next?

I think that’s enough to keep me quite entertained. What’s on your tv schedule this fall?

Boob Tube Babble-Distracted TV Watching

Boob Tube Babble
This week my TV watching was a bit distracted. We put an offer in on a house and we’re waiting to hear back. EEEEEE!!! In the meantime I’ve filled up my idle time with a lot of tv but in the back of my head I just keep thinking I hope I hope I hope we get it.


1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager-Some story lines were downright annoying, but the one I cared about was Ricky and Amy. She’s sucking up to him big time hoping he’ll propose and he’s milking it. The good news is he has a plan to propose on graduation night! But this episode just felt like a time waster leading up to next week’s episode. All of the side stories just bugged me. Who cares about Madison? That girl is just plain aggravating.

2. Tia & Tamara– This is the epitome of a chick show for me. Totally girlie and over the top fake drama. These girls are so silly! But I love watching the circus unfold. Tamara is such a stress case over the wedding and worrying about way too much. Tia is kind of wrapped up in her own world, which is kind of a bummer. At the same time, she’s super pregnant and not in the wedding spirit, which is understandable but also frustrating since when it was her day, Tamara was there for her. The whole baby moon thing that Tia wants to do, the same weekend as Tamara’s wedding is a little F’d up. If she really has to have one, couldn’t she go up a day early? Oh and modeling lingerie for her twin sister is kind of creepy. I also feel like the baby moon story line was a little bit staged. I also feel bad for Tia because it seems like her husband Cory doesn’t care much about about her. He just has this aloof presence. Is it just me who thinks that?

3. The Lying Game-The pilot ended on a suspenseful note when Sutton is in a car and lets out a gasp when someone gets in the car, but we don’t see who it is. I was confused when I saw it and actually thought it was Emma. The second episode starts with Emma waking up in Sutton’s bed and still being distracted and worried about where Sutton is. She’s now in cahoots with Ethan, Sutton’s secret boyfriend. It’s good that Emma has at least one person to talk to. Only problem is Laurel overheard some of their convo. Sutton finally contacts Emma, and we now know she’s in LA with one of Sutton’s friends’ brothers. There are some family secrets still being hinted at, and Sutton’s parents catch Emma with Ethan.

You know what bugs me about this show? Why couldn’t they just use actual identical twins? It’s like the Parent Trap all over again. It just bugs me! The other part that killed me was the ballet dance scene where Sutton’s friend has her hips sticking out like she’s in dire need of a burger. It’s sooo gross. What is wrong with girls today? EAT SOMETHING!

 4. Million Dollar Rooms– I stumbled across this show while I was channel surfing and it was awesome! They show these over the top lavish rooms that these crazy rich people have spent millions on. I love shows like that.


Series Premieres-The Couch Potato’s Dream

I love Fall. I love the beautiful fall leaves, the crisp fresh air. And new series premieres!

Here are the shows I’m looking forward to this fall:

1. Up All Night- Love Cristina Applegate and Will Arnett. I think the two of them will make a perfect husband/wife duo. I also love seeing a show with the stay at home dad angle. There are quite a few stay at home dads out there and this is the first show I’ve seen in awhile to showcase that.







2. Free Agents-Hank Azaria is great! I’ve loved him since he was Phoebe’s Science Guy on Friends. I don’t know what this show is about,

but I definitely want to see it.






3. Friends With Benefits-This one actually already started and I’ve been tuning in. It’s cute, but it’s not nearly as funny as Happy Endings, and feels like it’s trying to copy it a little bit. But it still entertains me and breaks up the weeknight rerun streak.









4. The Secret Circle-A new CW series starring Brittany Robertson who played Lux on Life Unexpected. I loved her on that show so I

have high hopes for Secret Circle. It’s a show with mystical elements, in this case witches, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it.




How I Met Your Mother-Challenge Accepted

All I can say is that this episode was an equal mix of awesome and torture. I predicted the end, that Barney would be the one getting married, and Ted is the best man. I also predicted that Lily was pregnant, to which I got teary eyed. I’m so happy that’s where the storyline went! Especially after the heartfelt speech Marshal gives about how life has been so terrible this past year.

So now that it’s been revealed that Barney is getting married, I wonder what the writers will do next season. Will he marry Nora or Robin? I have to say I would probably be happier with either, but Robin makes the most sense. There are also some theories that Nora is the mother, and that Ted meets her at Barney’s wedding. I find this one  a little far fetched since I would definitely think that her taking courses at the college would have come up with Barney. But she is Robin’s friend so it would make sense that she would be at the wedding. But why wouldn’t Ted meet her prior to that?

I am so relieved that Ted didn’t end up back with Zoey. Bleck! She was just plain terrible and I’m glad that Robin and Barney stopped it. I can’t wait until next season, and it’s going to be absolute torture to wait until fall for the next season.

What’s Up with the Glee Obsession

I don’t get why the show Glee is so popular. I just don’t understand it. The actors can’t sing, and the lip syncing is so fake it is to singing what those orange indoor tanning lotion addicts are to good skin. I have tried to give it a chance but their singing sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Plus it’s just so cheesy!! Please someone explain to me what is good about this show, because so far I’m not very gleeful for it.

Rookies-Great Show for My LEO in Training

I’ve mentioned before that my Hubs makes me watch the show Cops. I don’t mind it too much, but some of the noises, like the sirens and the damn barking K9s gets kind of old. I was searching for a new show that we could both enjoy that would be informative for my hubs while he’s going through his sheriff academy when I stumbled across Rookies. It is on the Crime and Investigation network (Hubs’ favorite network, no surprise there!) and each episode follows a rookie at some point in their law enforcement field training. The end of each episode tells whether or not the rookie passed field training. It’s a great insight into what Hubs is going to have to face when he’s done with academy.

I like it because it shows the more human side of law enforcement. You see the rookies struggling with their new whistler radar detectors and trying to drive their squad car with their FTO yelling in their ear. I would die from the stress of it, but I think Hubs can handle it just fine.

Some episodes break my heart, when the rookies fail out or quit because they can’t handle the stress. It’s a big reality check for the two of us. I like that I’m getting a better understanding of just how challenging this career is going to be for my husband, and I’m grateful there is a show like this for spouses of aspiring LEOs.

Grey's Anatomy-I Saw What I Saw

294ded2547704df224f3d1df096e6b09I love it when the writers of Grey’s change up the way a show is filmed. One season the showed the end of a rather horrific scene where blood was spraying all over Lexie and she was trying to stop it, and then the show did a Quentin Tarantino and went backwards to tell the story.

Last night’s episode went from present time backwards, but from many different points of view, hence the name, I Saw What I Saw. In this case, they were trying to determine why a patient died, and two board members and the chief of medicine were interviewing all of the doctors who worked on her. It was a great episode with the way it was told.

However, with the absence of George and Izzie, and also Meredith, there was a lot missing from the show. It didn’t have that something that it used to have. Hopefully when Mer comes back, and Izzie as she’s rumored to, things will be ok. Izzie and Alex better patch things up. How weak sauce is it to not talk to your own husband and explain yourself?

Hopefully next week’s episode will show a little less rivalry between the Seattle Grace and Mercy West doctors and a little more spicy Grey’s that I’m used to watching.

Grey-s Anatomy-Invasion


The Mercy West doctors are here. I love how Seattle Grace “ran out of blue scrubs” so now the Mercy West docs are in orange. So it’s obvious the blue vs orange dynamic.

My heart hurt for Callie, when she realized her father wasn’t there to reconcile but to “pray away the gay.” I’m glad they patched things up, and I absolutely loved the scene between Arizona and Callie’s father. “I love your daughter, and I fight for the people I love.”

I can’t BELIEVE they fired Izzie! What happens now?! That was all she had going for her, to keep her strong. I’m mad that she jumped to the conclusion that it’s Alex’s fault and that she left him. After all that he did for her…she’s leaving him? He tried to keep her job for her. After all the hype from last season, I was like, what now she’s leaving the show? But then I did a little digging and it looks like she’s on a five week maternity leave to spend time with her new baby. So that’s a relief! Because Izzie and Alex are meant to be together, and the show just wouldn’t be the same without the two of them.

I appreciated the breakdown that Cristina has in front of Meredith. I love it when the writers make Cristina vulnerable. She really needs a cardio god to come into play. It makes me wonder, especially after watching Private Practice, are they going to send over PP’s very own McHandsome, Sam Bennett? He would be a great addition to Seattle Grace, but he’s also pretty sensitive. I don’t know if that will blend very well with Cristina and her dark and twistiness. I wonder how long they’ll let Cristina suffer before they let her shine in the surgery room again.

How I Met Your Mother-Robin 101

howImet yourmotherThe season premiere of How I Met Your Mother focused on Barney and Robin and their relationship. They kept it a secret for months, but Lily finally found out and made them promise to definite what they were. Then the next episode Ted goes on a blind date, and realizes he’s been on the same date with that same girl seven years ago. The frustrating things about this season is that they’re not getting any closer to Ted’s future wife reveal. Still the show is awesome, and I love it. The show has kept its quality even in its fifth season. It’s funny, but still with its serious moments. I’m just anxious to see who Ted is going to end up with.