Vampire Diaries-The New Deal

Wow, go Jeremy! He really acted like a badass this episode. I was happy to see him acting strong rather than just brooding and miserable. I loved the moment when Elena slapped Stefan for being a jerk. I love that her character is getting stronger too.
Man these writers really love to kill Alaric. I’m glad they never follow through with it, since his man candy is one of the main reasons I watch this show. Well that and Damon.
I can’t believe Elena had Damon compel Jeremy again. WTH? Does that mean he’s not going to be on the show anymore? Also where the heck was Caroline? I actually missed her, which goes to show how much her character has grown on me. I used to hate her. Now Bonnie? She can just go ahead and leave and not come back. That chick bugs me!
I’m so happy there is new tv programming on. I’ve been really tired of reruns!

Boob Tube Babble-Premiere Week!

Boob Tube Babble

It was premiere week for Parenthood and Vampire Diaries and three highly anticipated sitcoms, Up All Night, The Secret Circle and Free Agents. I was so excited to have new shows to watch!

1. Parenthood- A lot more than a summer has passed for the Bravermans. It’s actually been 6 whole months since we left off with the fast talking family. Christina is hugely pregnant but still working hard to support the family, while poor Adam is lost without a job. Crosby is still obviously missing Jasmine, but he’s back to his womanizing ways. Luckily he is managing to still be a good daddy to the ever adorable Jabar. I was excited to see the hot teacher Sean make an appearance and I think we’ll be seeing more of him in Sarah’s life. I’m heartbroken for Haddie and her relationship, but I know that needs to end and fast. Alex is a hot mess, and he really shouldn’t be hanging out with a senior who is just harmlessly being that, a senior in high school. As great a guy as he is, he’s got way too many grown up problems and Haddie should focus on enjoying her youth. I feel terrible for Julia, and it must be so hard watching your sis in law swell with her third pregnancy while she’s desperately trying for a second. I have a feeling she’s going to offend the crap out of the latte girl when she asks if she can adopt her baby. But we’ll see, maybe it’ll be fate intervening.

2. Up All Night-I’ve been waiting all summer for this show. I love love love Christina Applegate and I love the whole premise of the show. It didn’t disappoint. The first scene, best quote, was “Quit saying there’s a baby in there. It’s like there’s a baby hiding in the closet with a knife or something.” Bahahahahaha, hilarious. Then the swearing scene. This is going to be a bleeping amazing show!!

3. The Secret Circle-All I will say is if you like Twilight, or Vampire Diaries, or any show with a supernatural vibe, you will LOVE The Secret Circle. Cassie is a recent orphan who moves in with her grandmother to a small town and discovers she’s a witch.

4. Tia & Tamara-Best quote of the episode, “You just don’t eat a pregnant lady’s cupcake.” Seriously, did Tamara have a death wish?! I can’t believe Tamara is so bad about learning how to incorporate Adam’s things into her condo. A lot of his stuff isn’t that bad actually. The clutter I don’t like, but he does have some great trinkets. She just needs to make him a man cave. It’s also really bad that she’s constantly calling the condo “her place”. It’s their place! They just really need to move to a new place that’s neutral. I also think it’s sort of silly that Tamara is seeing a therapist. I think she just needs to grow up a little. Tia seems a lot more mature and able to handle stress than her twin.

5. The Lying Game- The more I watch this show, the more I can’t stand Sutton. I guess maybe that was the writer’s goal? Sutton is mad because Emma is “screwing up her life one yearbook page at a time” when really she’s just making her a better, nicer, more caring person. It’s revealed at the end of this episode that the twins’ mother is actually still alive, and living in a nearby mental hospital. I’m ready for the next episode!

6. Free Agents-Mehhhh. I don’t know about this show. Pilots are sometimes weak so I will give it another shot, but so far I’m not that impressed. I like the cast so I had high hopes, but the storyline was so sad. A woman whose fiance died a year ago, and a man who’s going through a divorce. Sad sad sad. And we’re supposed to laugh at their misery?

7. Vampire Diaries-Elena has been searching for Stefan who is off killing people and doing Klaus’s bidding. He’s indebted to him for saving Damon’s life. Jeremy is seeing dead people everywhere he goes. Oh and he got way way hotter this year. There are an awful lot of hotties on this show. I think it’s the main reason I watch. 🙂 I’m not a big fan of all the blood and guts, but I like the rest. I felt so bad for Elena and her heartbreak over knowing that Stefan is now a killer. But the phone call between them was one of those bittersweet and romantic moments that makes the show. I was so excited that Caroline and Tyler hooked up. Um, yum! But I can’t believe his mom shot Caroline with vervane. Craziness!

Vampire Diaries-Brave New World

Last episode left us with poor Jeremy getting his neck broken by Damon but survives because of a magic ring, Caroline in the hospital after a car accident, and Tyler’s uncle Mason coming into town (total hottie fyi) to console his family members over his brother’s death. I’m pretty sure every cast member is taking natural weight loss pills because they all look gorgeous. Kudos to the casting director. They have the yummiest guys on this show.

At the end of the last episode, the evil doppleganger of Elena, Miss Katherine, smothers Caroline and says, “Game On”. Caroline drank Damon’s blood to heal and so she wakes from the dead as a vampire. She kind of makes a kick ass vampire in my opinion. She’s sweet but she’s also pure evilness. Stefan and Elena refuse to let Damon kill her.

Meanwhile Damon is pretty sure that there’s something supernatural about Tyler and Mason and he tries to trick them into revealing themselves. There’s some questions Mason asks Tyler about the full moon and his temper so I’m going to go ahead and assume their werewolves. Nice!

Private Practice-Love Bites

The world has gone Vampire crazy! As a lover of all things Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and now the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series, I can relate. This episode of Private Practice where a 13 year old tells other girls he’s a vampire is kind of funny. Isn’t it scary that even young men are learning to manipulate women?! I mean, 13? Yikes.
Then there’s poor Naomi and Sam and their 15 year old knocked up kid. I wish I could say this only happens on tv but it is the reality of our world.
All I will say is there is no way that when I have kids that my 13 year old is reading Twilight til she’s older and can separate fantasy from fiction.

Oh, and I absolutely hate the storyline between Addison and Sam. Ew. Ew. Ew. The writers are making Addison so incredibly unlikeable! I still can’t believe that her and Sam shut the blinds in her office and made out, with her best friend/his ex WIFE a floor below them. Bleck.

Violet needs to take responsibility for her son. I really hope she does soon. Grrr….she’s soooo annoying.

This show is funny because it is intriguing yet infuriating. I miss it when Dell was just this sexy guy who’d take his shirt off to go to the beach, and Addison wasn’t such a ho. But Addison did look stunning in her dress, even if a bit like the statue of liberty. PS: I can’t BELIEVE she slept with Pete…she’s so repulsive. What the hell?! And then afterwards the way they both admit they’re in love with other people. I feel like sometimes these people are horny teenagers, not professional, adult doctors.
But if they were grownups, the show wouldn’t be that interesting would it?
I’m curious to see what will happen next for this group. All of their lives seem to be headed in a downward spiral.