Welcome to Bookworm Reviews! is your source for the latest information on popular books, both fiction and nonfiction, for all ages and skill levels. We are an eclectic team of librarians driven by our shared love of literature to create a website geared towards readers looking for their next exciting page-turner. Whatever your interests or literary preferences, we only ask one thing of you: Keep reading. Whether it is a light beach read, a sci-fi thriller, or a biography of someone you admire, just keep reading. Because it is through reading and literature that we are able to expand our minds and worldview. Reading makes the world a better place and we are excited to do our part in making reading and book reviews more accessible to everyone.

To make sure our book recommendations are easy to sort through, we’ve found that it may be most helpful to our audience if we sort book reviews by age. This allows us to use our background in library sciences and services to match young readers, as well as advanced readers with the books that may be most appealing to them and those that are written at a level that makes reading not just manageable, but fun. We encourage you to take a look around our website of book reviews to find a list that best meets your reading level or the reading level of a child or student.

We are also very happy to offer custom reading recommendation upon request. To find out what is needed to receive a custom book list based on your preferred reading level and subject matter preferences, please feel free to contact us via email. We will work with you to create a book list tailored to you and look forward to hearing all about your literary adventures!

So who are these lovely librarians that are so eager to help our readers find their next favorite book?

Carol Cooney

Ms. Cooney has fifteen years of experience teaching k-6 English in our public school system. She volunteers her time after school to further engage and encourage students in our community to embrace reading and make books a part of their everyday life.

Amanda Morris

Amanda is one of the newest contributors to our website and we’re excited to use her background in early childhood education to help our community raise readers. You might see her at our parent library for their weekly family and friends storytime.

Camilla Miller

Camilla is an avid reader with a background in human services. Following her retirement, Camilla wanted to find a way to share with our community her love of reading. She’s best known for hosting the occasional book club and offering up some of the best literary tidbits and chocolate chip cookies for our guests.