Favorite Books for Adults

Today’s adult book-lovers have more choices than ever when it’s time to pick a new book to read. Whether you’re looking for a light summer romp or a deeply engaging read, there are a lot of great options and authors to choose from.

Short on ideas? Check out the list below for ten great reads in a variety of genres.

A Hunger Like No Other, by Kresley Cole: Vampires, werewolves, and Valkyries make up the characters of this paranormal romance. When tortured lycanthrope Lachlain Macrieve senses his destined mate, he’s devastated to discover that she’s one of his enemies. This novel, which is the first of Cole’s highly popular Immortals After Dark series, introduces readers to the paranormal world and future characters.

And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie: Originally published in 1939, this classic Agatha Christie novel continues to be a favorite with mystery-lovers. It is the story of ten strangers invited to a dinner party where a murder occurs. Each guest is hiding a secret, and no one knows who is the murderer and who will be the murderer’s next victim.

Dark Lover, by J.R. Ward: Dark Lover is the first of the popular paranormal Black Dagger Brotherhood novels by J.R. Ward. The story introduces the leader of the Brotherhood named Wrath, who is the last of the pure-blood vampires, and his intended mate, Beth Randall. Beth is a woman who’s half human and half vampire. She must accept what she is, that there are vampires, and that there are other monsters called the Lessers who want to destroy them.

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn: In this popular thriller, Amy Dunne disappears on the night of her wedding anniversary. As the investigation progresses, Nick, her husband, seems increasingly suspicious to investigators, although Amy’s sister seems to believe Nick. What actually happened to his wife?

Misery, by Stephen King: This popular and frightening Stephen King novel was first published in 1987 and explores fan obsession. A popular novelist decides to end his series of Misery Chastain historical romances, but before he can submit the last manuscript, he is injured in a car accident. Saved by an obsessive fan, he is held hostage and forced to rewrite the novel when she discovers that her favorite character is being killed off.

Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon: In this highly popular novel, married former World War II nurse Claire accidentally travels back in time, where she meets Scotsman Jaime. Claire falls for Jaime and attempts to escape the evil Captain Jack Randall, one of her husband’s ancestors. Outlander is the first of an ongoing series.

Red Rising, by Pierce Brown: Red Rising is the first book in a trilogy. Humans have colonized other worlds and live by a class system in which Golds are the elite ruling class and Reds are the lowest class. Darrow, a Red, works at making Mars livable for the future; however, he discovers that they’ve been fooled and are actually slaves to the upper class, who are already living on the surface of the planet. Angered by the injustice, Darrow infiltrates the upper class in hopes of making a difference for his people and stopping his enemies.

Three Parts Dead, by Max Gladstone: This science fiction novel is the first in the Craft Sequence series. The story centers around the death of a god and a necromancer that must bring him back in order to save his city.

Sleeping Beauties, by Stephen King and Owen King: In this story, which takes place in the future, something happens to women when they fall asleep. They are infected with a disease that enshrouds them in a cocoon and takes them to a place of peace as they slumber, but if they are awakened, they are violent and feral. Only one woman remains immune.

The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins: During her daily commute, Rachel travels on a commuter train and constantly sees the same people and scenery. When she notices something wrong, she goes to the police and finds herself pulled into the investigation. This novel is a suspenseful thriller.